Winners 2016

Winners 2016

Congratulations on another successful NGA Creative Choices Awards program!

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Please join NGA in congratulating the Merchandising and Marketing ‘Best of Show’ winners, and all of the category winners and honorable mentions:

Marketing ‘Best of Show’, presented by the Kellogg Company: “Tutto Italiano – ShopRite Imported Italian Private Label Promotion” submitted by ShopRite/Wakefern

Merchandising ‘Best of Show’, presented by Unilever: “Grand Brands of the Grand Tasting – NYC Wine and Food Festival”, submitted by ShopRite/Wakefern

Unilever special recognition: “Right on Girls! Dove coupons” submitted by ShopRite/Wakefern

The Kellogg Company special recognition: “Poptarts” submitted by Harps Food Stores

Category Winners and Honorable Mentions:


Category 1: Connections through Social Media and Digital Marketing

Winner: #972 Matt Painter Webisodes, Fresh City Market, TMA+Peritus

Honorable mention: # 1033 myCountyMarket Mobile App: The Future of Grocery Shopping, Niemann Foods, Inc.,

Category 2: Connections through Traditional Media (Print)

Winner: #1135 It’s My New England 2015 Calendar Photo Contest, Big Y Foods, Inc., The Mars Agency

Honorable mention: #1239 Hilltop 48 Anniversary Print Ad, Hilltop Supermarket

Category 3: Connections through Traditional Media (TV and Radio)

Winner: #951 Boyer’s Food Markets 600, HAC, Inc., SUPERVALU

Honorable mention: #932 Locally Grown Produce Campaign, Wakefern Food Corp.

Category 4: Non-price or Consumer Value Print Ad

Winner: #1223 Russ’s Market – Star Wars Themed Monthly Catalog, B&R Stores, Firespring

Honorable mention: #1009 LSU Ad, Associated Grocers, Inc.

Category 5: Private Brands Ad

Winner: # 1207 Tutto Italiano – ShopRite Imported Italian Private Label Promotion, Wakefern Food Corp.,

Honorable mention: #1029 Private Brands Event, Little Giant, SUPERVALU

Category 6: Frequent Shopper or Targeted Marketing Campaign

Winner: #805 Beef Stampede Sale, Gordy’s Market

Honorable mention: #1054 Fresh Market Digital Coupons Launch, Fresh Market, Associated Food Stores

Category 7: Integrated Marketing Campaign

Winner: #1182 SHOP ‘n SAVE Westmoreland County Airshow, SHOP ‘n SAVE Pittsburgh Division SUPERVALU East,

Honorable mention: #1226 Super Saver Smokehouse Challenge, B&R Stores, Inc.

Category 8: Grand Opening or Remodel

Winner: #1197 Roche Bros. Downtown Cross – Grand Opening, Roche Bros.,

Honorable mention: #1118 Cleveland, OK Cash Saver Grand Opening, HAC, Inc.


Category 9: Single Manufacturer Event

Winner: #1198 Build a Burger Presented by Kraft, Houchens Industries

Honorable mention: #1170 Fiora Easter Egg Hunt, Coborn’s, Inc.

Category 10:  In-store Special Event

Winner: #726 (also liked #727) 100 year Anniversary Sale-a-bration, BGreen, Co.

Honorable mention: #1037 Locally Grown CSA Produce, Wakefern Food Corp.

Category 11: Off-site Event

Winner: #1034 The Grand Brands of the Grand Tasting – NYC Wine and Food Festival, Wakefern Food Corp.

Honorable mention: #723 Spring Yard Sale, BGreen Co.

Category 12: Public Service or Charitable Cause Event

Winner: #1160 Coffee With Cop, Coborn’s, Inc.

Honorable mention: #1074 Caring for Kids, Macey’s Grocery, Associated Food Stores

Category 13: GM/HBC

Winner: #1174 Essential Oils, Coborn’s, Inc.,

Honorable mention: #1143 Fresh Household Values, ‘Store in a Store’ at Burns’ Fresh Grocers, The Fresh Grocer (Burns Family), Metro Philly Management

Category 14: Center Store

Winner: #1076 Dinner 123, Macey’s Grocery, Associated Food Stores

Honorable mention: #1035 $9.99 Wine, Niemann Foods, Inc.

Category 15: Fresh Foods

Winner: #879 Western Markets Plant Sale, Western Markets

Honorable mention: #930 Catering by ShopRite Kitchens, Wakefern Food Corp.

Category 16: Dairy/Deli/Bakery

Winner: #1159 New England Cheese Festival, Roche Bros.

Honorable mention: #1220 Gluten Free Bakery, Coborn’s, Inc.