Congratulations to the 2017
Creative Choice Category Winners!


Category 1: Connections through Social Media and Digital Marketing
1 – 15 Store Winner: Broulim’s Video Campaign: Hear from Customers
Like You, Broulim’s Fresh Foods
15+ Store Winner: HARPS 50% Off Produce, Harps Food Stores

Category 2: Connections through TV and Radio
1 – 15 Store Winner: Kaune’s Branding Campaign,
Kaune’s Neighborhood Market
15+ Store Winner: It’s the Little Things, Festival Foods

Category 3: Connections through Print
1 – 15 Store Winner: Shindigs (Holiday Recipe Guide), Newport Avenue Market
15+ Store Winner: MORE Rewards Ad Scape in St. Cloud Times, Coborn’s

Category 4: Integrated Marketing Campaign
1 – 15 Store Winner: Black Box Coffee Bar and Donuttery Grand Opening, Country Harvest
15+ Store Winner: Battle at Bristol Campaign, K-VA-T Food Stores, Inc.

Category 5: Grand Opening or Remodel
1 – 15 Store Winner: Ron’s Country Market Remodel, Ron’s Country Market
15+ Store Winner: Harvest Market Grand Opening, Niemann Foods, Inc.


Category 6: Single Manufacturer Event
1 – 15 Store Winner: Kids Week – “Surf’s Up!” with Kemps, Chris’ Food Center
15+ Store Winner: Race for the Ryder Cup, Karns Food

Category 7: Store Event
1 – 15 Store Winner: Meet the Ranchers Store Event, Newport Avenue Market
15+ Store Winner: Eat Fresh. Eat Local., Associated Retail Operations

Category 8: Public Service or Charitable Cause Event
1 – 15 Store Winner: WPVGA Potato Contest, Trig’s (T.A. Solberg Co., Inc)
15+ Store Winner: World Largest Pineapple Display, Coborn’s

Category 9: Center Store/GM/HBC
1 – 15 Store Winner: Champagne’s Market & Kitchenary,
Champagne’s Market & The Kitchenary
15+ Store Winner: Eat Well ad campaign, Festival Foods

Category 10: Perimeter Departments
1 – 15 Store Winner: Fromage Fantastique, West Seattle Thriftway
15+ Store Winner:  Birchberry Soup Program, Associated Food Stores

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